Founded in 2002, Cornerstone Christian Academy is a private Christian school in Rainsville, Alabama that knows what it takes to enhance our students’ education. Our unique approach to learning and top-quality faculty makes Cornerstone Christian Academy more than just a campus. It’s a life experience.


Cornerstone Christian Academy is proudly accredited by the American Association of Christian Schools. 

The AACS is an association of state associations—forty state, regional, and international associations working together to provide legislative oversight, to promote high-quality Christian education programs, to encourage the goal of producing Christlike young people, and to provide related institutional and personnel services to its constituents. AACS schools are “educating for eternity."

About Us

We teach students to think, live, and love based on what the Bible teaches. This is a biblical worldview. Our mission is to help our students develop a biblical worldview from science, math, and everything in between. For our students and staff, the Bible is a lamp to their feet and a light to their life’s path (Psalm 119:105) as they learn “to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (II Cor. 10:5) so that in everything, “Christ might be preeminent.” (Col. 1:18)

Our Philosophy

CCA is designed to be an educational institution with an emphasis on historical, biblical, Christian faith.  As a Christian school, we are committed to the following:

  • All existence is a product of purposeful, intelligent design by our Creator, God, and by Him, all things exist.

  • An individual’s relationship with God will always precede success or failure in life.

  • The primary means of knowing this one, true God is found in the pages of the Holy Scriptures, and therefore, holds final authority in issues regarding life and godliness.

  • All truth is God’s truth.  To know God is to know the truth.

Based on these principles, CCA recognizes that God has ordained that the parent is the primary educator of the child.  Therefore, the school will act in partnership with the parent in the educational process.  The foundation for successful education, fine arts, and athletics while instilling a biblical worldview.

In keeping with our Philosophy of Education, Cornerstone Christian Academy strives to achieve the following objectives.

Spiritual Objectives

  • To lead our students to a saving knowledge of God through Jesus Christ. 

  • To provide each student with a thorough understanding of the teachings of the Bible so that he/she can apply them to personal living experiences.

Academic Objectives

  • To provide a Christian education that strives for academic excellence for the average and the above average student which will enable them to proceed to any level of higher learning or training to which they may aspire.

  • To inspire you with a love for learning. 

  • To teach the basic foundations of language arts, social science, mathematics, science, practical arts, and fine arts. 

  • To teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • To teach good study habits.

Social Objectives

  • To foster wholesome interpersonal relationships based on Christian love. 

  • To instill a love and respect for authority, country, and fellow man. 

  • To promote important personal responsibilities such as integrity, hard work, and a commitment to Biblical principles. 

Physical & Emotional Objectives

  • To teach and encourage habits which lead to good physical health. 

  • To teach and encourage habits which lead to stable mental and emotional health.

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