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Cornerstone Christian Academy House System

What are Houses?
Our 7th-12th graders are divided into four permanent houses that they are members of for their high school careers. These houses (Ravenwood, House of Elisha, The Potter’s House, and House of Zion) each uniquely foster mentoring relationships between older and younger students, promote school spirit and encourage competition. Academics, participation in extracurricular activities, personal achievement, and outstanding character award House Points that determine the winner of the House Cup at the end of our year-round competition. Three times a year, we hold house games and compete in various areas. Houses are an integral part of Cornerstone culture. "Houses are family!"

The Potter's House

Be moldable, conforming to the image of Christ


House of Elisha

Be Courageous, Do not back down in the face of evil.



Serve others, Live your lives with honor


House of Zion

Be an example, a City on a Hill that points to Christ

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Houses: Activities

House History

By Karen Travis

In the summer of 2013, four teachers sat in a classroom brainstorming ideas for how to develop school spirit at CCA.  I had been to a school in Kentucky for summer training and saw other schools developing this idea.  So, we decided to give it a try.
As usual, we didn’t make an elaborate plan. In fact, we made no plan at all. We gathered together the students in the 7th-11th grades (a total of 42 students) and told them we wanted to create “Houses”.  We explained that each House would have a teacher “Head of House” and a “Prefect” that was chosen by the Head of House. From there, it was up to them to create what they wanted their House to be.   We had no idea what the Houses would do, how points would be awarded, what points would mean, or anything.  Those students created what you have in front of you today. 
The House system has done so much more than develop school spirit. The House system makes Cornerstone what it is.  Houses are family.  Zion’s first Prefect, Chelsea Dunn, stated in her farewell letter in the yearbook that her House was a “diverse group of individuals with various backgrounds and talents.  Our Houses are symbolic to New Jerusalem in that those who are a part of it will lead many different earthly lives, but they all have one thing in common: Jesus Christ.”
Today, our House system has grown from 42 students to 121.  Each house has established its own traditions and unique cultures.  However, all those cultures celebrate the idea that Christ has come to give us life and “life more abundantly.”  The Houses are a way to participate in something joyful.  To have a home in which you belong: no matter what your skills, talents, ideas, or contributions are.  So also no matter what your mistakes, shortcomings or failures have been... You have a home.  You have a House.  It is your inheritance.
Today (September 2018), we are introducing two new aspects of our House system.  First, we are inducting all new faculty that works with our upper school students into Houses.  This is exciting for us as teachers here at CCA.  Those of us who have been a part of the Houses have loved the level of mentoring, friendship and connection with students that this brings, and we are excited to share that with the whole staff.  Additionally, we have created a new position called the “Paladin.”  

In a moment, we are going to announce the new Paladins for each House.  However, before we do, I wanted to speak briefly about what these new leadership positions mean:
*Moses and the 70 because he needed help
*each of you, as House members, have been given an inheritance, built by others.  When this Senior class leaves, the builders will all be gone.  If the structure is to remain, it must be maintained, cared for, cherished, and defended.
*the essence of each House is well established, but it must be a living essence.  You as House members must embody the honor, tradition, and character of your House: 

  • Elisha, be Courageous, Do not back down in the face of evil. 

  • Potter’s House, be moldable, conforming to the image of Christ.  

  • Ravenwood: Serve others, Live your lives with honor.  

  • Zion, Be an example, a City on a Hill that points to Christ.  

*The Paladins have been chosen by your Head of House (henceforth known as Paragons) and the Prefects.  The choices have been prayerfully considered, and we believe God has led us in our choices.  If you have been chosen as Paladin, know that the inheritance of being a member of a House at Cornerstone Christian Academy is in your hands.  Make sure that it is in better shape when you leave it than when it came into your hands.  

*We know this is High School, and you are very young.  But at CCA, we Do Hard Things!! What if the hard work you put into building and maintain the house system at CCA turns into a tradition that carries this school and the young people God sends her through this century or longer.  What if your grandchildren one day rush home from school to tell you they have been inducted into The Potter’s House, and you know that means they will be encouraged by the example of those around them and the years behind them to be moldable to the image of Christ.  What if your little “Raveling” one day takes the service he saw in his “Prefect,” and carries that to another school, or another country, and serves God and man and points to Jesus.  How will you feel when you see the Courageous “Elishites” refuse to give up while fighting overwhelming odds… and then gain the victory…. Or you witness the “Zionite” who boldly steps out and lives his faith in front of others, and sees souls won to the Kingdom.  You… here…. in front of me today…. You can make that happen.  These Prefects… these Seniors, they were part of the beginning.. they laid a foundation.  They have been the “cornerstones”.  Now, Paladins, House members, Inductees… build on this.  Always remembering that Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone.  

Karen Travis
High School Teacher and founding Board Member

Cornerstone Christian Academy

Houses: Our Mission
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