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Leave a Legacy

Growing and Building

Do you remember the first time you saw your child in a Cornerstone Eagle jersey?  Was it a t-ball jersey, a basketball jersey, or a volleyball jersey? Do you remember how you felt when they were put into the game for the first time? Do you remember the smile that came to their face when they first ran across home plate, made their first shot, or delivered their first serve?  These memories will go with them for years to come.  We want to continue these memories for upcoming Eagles and their families. You have the opportunity to leave a legacy for your child. 
The school is selling customizable pavers to remember your Eagle and pave the way for Eagles to come.  The proceeds will help pay for our new gym that we hope to start construction on soon.  This will be a tremendous asset to our school and will bless our families for years to come. I trust that you will prayerfully consider purchasing your tile that will be displayed here at CCA! 

An Individual engraved tile will be incorporated around the flagpole of the high school entrance.  (There is a limited number of tiles available)  
Each paver will be used to create a decorative base around our flag. 
______ Purchase tile(s) at $250 each 
______ Purchase paver(s) at $250 each 

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