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Welcome to Cornerstone Christian Academy’s new blog. My name is Jacee Clowers, and I am one of the high school English teachers at Cornerstone. After graduating from Cornerstone in 2016, I attended Shorter University from where I earned my bachelor's degree in English. During my time at Shorter, I was an editor for Shorter University’s Transformed blog which provided biblical resources centered around a Christian worldview. My intention in launching this blog is that it will be informational and helpful to our Cornerstone community by providing educational resources and insights into the hearts and minds of the faculty, students, and alumni of Cornerstone Christian Academy. Throughout the school year, I, alongside many of my fellow teachers and other alumni, will be posting blogs about various topics in order to communicate more efficiently with our Cornerstone community. Our desire is that parents will have a better understanding of what their child is learning, inciting further conversation around the dinner table. We desire that families become united over the spiritual and academic knowledge that we teach as we seek to bolster our partnership with families.

Before school started this August, Cornerstone’s high school teachers held a parent orientation. In many ways, this was a typical meeting during which the teachers went over information regarding the upcoming school year and all the menial things that parents need to know before sending their child on the first day of school. However, this meeting was also an important step for Cornerstone. Cornerstone officially announced its status as a Classical Christian school.

If we are honest, the things that were announced to parents have been happening at Cornerstone for the last thirteen years. Our students learn Latin, they memorize long pieces of literature or historical documents, and they learn how to think and how to properly communicate what they think. They learn how their readings in history class or English class help them to know more about God and the condition of mankind. They learn how science and math do not negate God, but instead confirm the order and divinity with which God created the earth. They learn why their education is important and how it gives glory to God. They learn what it means to be a Christian and to develop a Christian worldview. Though this has been a part of Cornerstone’s educational system for so long, we have never actually defined it for what it is, Classical Christian education.

Over the coming months, it is our desire to use this blog in order to define exactly what a Classical Christian education encompasses. We desire for you to see how we use all of the subjects, including Latin, Logic, and Rhetoric, to shape and mold the minds of our students in order to help them to think, to view the world, and to be more like Christ. On this blog, we will be sharing what Classical Christian educational practices we use to teach your children and what the long term effects are for students who do receive a Classical Christian education. We also desire to invite you into the conversation by sharing with you the very topics that we are teaching your children.

Although this blog will be largely educational or informational, we also desire to provide spiritual encouragement. We recognize that the world we are in is overcome by the weight of humanity's fallenness. Every day seems to prove that this world is not our home. Because of that, all of us are having to learn what it means to live a life of virtue, a life that glorifies God, in such a sinful, broken, and chaotic world. Many of the encouraging blogs you will read will encompass the very same things we are discussing with your children in order to cultivate the very hope and peace found in Christ alone.

Our goals for this blog are to better communicate with our parents, to encourage our community, and to provide an insight into what kind of education Cornerstone students receive. We hope that this blog will be enjoyed by the entire Cornerstone community, including parents, students, alumni, and the general DeKalb County community.

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